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01-Dharma Gyta Sari Harahap dan Ismail Simatupang – PAIDAGOGEO

Jurnal Paidagogeo

01-Dharma Gyta Sari Harahap dan Ismail Simatupang





Dharma Gyta Sari Harahap

Dosen FKIP-UGN Padangsidimpuan

This aims of research: first, to obtain information about the use of media images to improve learning outcomes science class VIII MTs Negeri Padangsidimpuan. second, to obtain information about large powerful media use images to improve learning outcomes science class VIII MTs Negeri Padangsidimpuan, and third, to obtain the information the contribution of media use pictures to the learning outcomes science class VIII MTs Negeri Padangsidimpuan.

This research was conducted in Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri Padangsidimpuan a total of 30 students and as samples taken 30 students class VIII-2 by using purposive sample method. The research used descriptive analysis method and research data was analyzed by statistical method. The research used data collection tool, that is the result of science scale study of 5 - 100 which has been tested by validity. Validity test is performed to indicate the validity or accuracy of the instrument. Of the 30 questions tested there are 20 valid or valid questions. After the validity test is done then test reliability. This calculation of reliability is performed to show whether the test instrument tested is reliable or not. The study used a data collection tool that was calibrated through the judgment of the two supervisors.

Research results show that, first, the use of media images in the learning activities can improve learning outcomes science students of class VIII MTs Padangsidimpuan. Second, the first cycle students are not familiar introduced to media images, so more trust receives lessons from the teacher's explanations in class VIII MTs Padangsidimpuan. third, the second cycle students are getting used to the media image, making it easier to accept the lesson or understand the concept of light, both teachers and for teaching and learning in the classroom.

Keywords : Media Drawing For Results Learning IPA

Paidagogeo Vol.3 No.1 – Januari 2017 [ISSN 2527-9696]

Hlm 1 – 9